What is a Munro Card?

Last updated 2 months ago

A Munro Card is used to quickly show information about an initiative to be placed within a Munro Map.

A typical Munro Card is system card that is used during the road mapping workshop. The details of the card are up to you and the context your are working in.

Below is an example of the front-side of a Munro Card. Basic information includes:

  • An ID reference

  • The initiative name

  • Estimated size (usually T-Shirt sizes when estimating large things into the future)

  • A short description (keep longer descriptions somewhere that everyone can access, e.g. a wiki)

  • The product(s), platform(s), or channel(s) that the initiative may involve.

  • And any other information that makes the process of putting the card within a map easier, e.g. a deadline or other constraints.

The back of the Munro Card can incorporate other notes that you may identify during the process. These notes are not as important to know during the process of creating the Munro Map but will be important later on. Information could include things like:

  • Metrics

  • Definition of done

  • Acceptance criteria

  • Risks

  • Assumptions

  • Issues

  • Dependencies

  • Or any other notes that you capture during the workshop.

You could also use a the Goal Oriented Product Roadmap (GO Product Roadmap) template from Roman Pichler. https://www.romanpichler.com/blog/goal-oriented-agile-product-roadmap/

Or as a hypothesis using a template like...

We believe that if we <deliver/implement/provide> <this change from the current state to the future state, X changes/provides/gives/updates Y>
(Then) we will be able to <discover/test/demonstrate> <this outcome>
We will know we have succeeded when <we see/do/earn/produce etc. (metrics). – could be a set of bullet points>
* Must incorporate who is it solving a problem for/who benefits from it – could be in the outcome or the metrics.