2. Define the approach strategy

As a military strategy is to war, a road map strategy is a set of methods for arranging and maneuvering the team during the process of achieving the goal.

For example, we are not reactionary, we re-plan regularly.

Reactionary – acknowledge and respond, preserve the status quo/fight to survive

Remedial – understand and conform, avoid dumb stuff and do more and better of the same

Resourceful – identify and capitalise on assets, maximise natural opportunities and work in the “white spaces”

Revolutionary – create and exploit, change the rules, control the game board, innovate

These are your values, principles, etc.

Examples include:

  • Be nimble

  • Embrace innovation

  • Deliver value frequently

  • Prioritise productivity

  • Strive for simplicity

  • Plan for scale

  • Use the right tool/s

  • Operational excellence

For your previous piece of work, identify the key strategic approach that you think you need to take to get to your destination.

What type of thinking to you need to employ to get there?

What are you guiding principles?

Start identifying metrics you can use!