4. Identify the milestones

Milestones are spots along the road that show us that we are still on the right road, and give an indication of how far we have left to go or how much you still need to learn.

You also need to identify how will you know you are there (metrics, deliverables, time/cost thresholds etc.)

For each step define what makes it “complete” or “done”

For each step define the metrics that will allow tracking towards completion

Pirate Metrics (see https://www.slideshare.net/dmc500hats/startup-metrics-for-pirates-long-version)

Update the back of your Munro Cards!

What are the metrics that you would need to track to ensure that you were on the “right” path?

  • Awareness

  • Acquisition

  • Activation (Conversion)

  • Revenue

  • Retention

  • Referral


Definition of Done

Acceptance Criteria

Start your RAIDS

What makes it “complete” or “done”?

  • Metrics

  • Definition of Done

  • Acceptance Criteria

  • Start your RAIDS

Learning Milestones

The trick is to replace these somewhat opaque milestones with learning milestones, each producing a somewhat more evolved version of the product that is then immediately tested with an ever larger group of users for a longer period of time. What’s learned is then fed back to the team and is used to decide what to build in the next milestone — an opportunity to update the spec or to pivot. The team is instructed to only focus on the next milestone and not to rush for the final launch.

The goal of the team is to learn by putting an ever more complete version of product in front of an increasingly larger group of users for longer durations.